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Power Supply Simulation with PSUD II

One of must have software when simulating power supply is PSU Designer II or PSUD II. This amazing freeware could simulate your power supply behavior, before you start to assembly...... Read More

High Current Regulator with LM723

When it comes to high current and high efficiency, actually we don’t have much option rather than using switching based power supply. For most of consumer electronic equipment, this kind...... Read More

Power Supply Module

Today, I design the power supply module for my tiny amplifier project (check here and here for detail). The power supply are divided into three modules. One is for the...... Read More

Testing My Power Supply (Still Not Yet Finished)

I have a short free time at the afternoon, and it’s time to test my Power Supply for my Gainclone. Powered by Talema dual secondaries, each rated at 18VAC/6.3A... Read More

Talema Transformer for My Gainclone

Finally, with the help from my girlfriend, I manage to get the Nuvotem Talema Transformer on hand within a week. It’s rated at 6.3A with 2x18V output or about 225VA....... Read More

The Journey Continues…

It’s a cool weekend, we are entering rainy months. I continue soldering my Ultimate Power Supply. Today, I solder 8 pcs of MUR860 and 70 pcs of Black Gate F...... Read More

“Ultimate” Power Supply is Getting Near

Some of you have emailed me asking to finish the Gainclone – Black Gate Power Supply project, and well, I’m about to complete it with some modification. Here is the...... Read More

Mini Regulator Testing

I’m the middle of laziness… Actually I want to finish my Gainclone LM1875 project, but it will consume a lot of my brainpower 😉 But I don’t want to waste...... Read More

Jensen “Classic” Pure Copper Foil Aluminium Tube as Power Supply Bypass

Still remember my other “stupidity” here? After several hours of investigation, I finally decide that the Jensen Copper Foil Paper Tube is not a good capacitor for bypassing purpose. The...... Read More

Slowing Down the Tone…

I do love the improvement after I finish the VCap TFTF Capacitor Mods on my Aikido Power Supply. The staging is awesome. I could “see” not only a center point,...... Read More

Testing the Jensen 4-Pole Capacitor

It’s a weekend holiday and it’s time to scratch my laziness and doing some audio DIY mods. This time, I will try a capacitor from Jensen, the 4-Pole Electrolytic. What...... Read More

Jensen Pure Copper Foil Paper Tube as Power Supply Bypass

If before I picked Obbligato as last Power Supply (High Voltage) bypass capacitor, now I’m experimenting with Jensen Pure Copper Foil Paper Tube in this position. The result? Well, not...... Read More