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VCap TFTF on Power Supply Test

Yes, you might call me crazy! A Teflon VCap TFTF on Power Supply section? If I need to make myself clear, this 0.47uF/600VDC VCap TFTF Teflon capacitor will cost you...... Read More

Finally, It’s Done… Soldering 60 pcs of Black Gate Troops…

After over 2 month of laziness, finally I finish the tiring job, soldering 60 pcs of Black Gate F Series for my Gainclone Power Supply. Well, practically, this is not...... Read More

“Perfectionist” Design

Being a perfectionist is not easy (and not cheap). Still remember my ambitious project before? I want to make it perfect, so let’s start the 1st phase, testing the capacitor...... Read More

Extra Ammunitions for Gainclone Project

I’m thinking of… a full Black Gate Power Supply 😉 Well, it’s not a dream since I have enough Black Gate F Series stock on hand. One value only, 680uF/65V. I...... Read More

Aikido High Voltage/B+ PSU Mod

From my previous Aikido project, I’m still thinking of improvement of my B+ PSU. Well, I still hear a small hum. There are several possibilities to be tried, but I’m...... Read More

IFRM: Between the Rectifier and Capacitor

Usually, I never care about the theory behind all of my DIY project. Just plug it, hear it, like it, and finish it. But now, due to some reason (though...... Read More

More Components Arrive…

After here and here, well seems not enough, I have ordered some more components for my next DIY project. Just arrive today. The target is clear. This could be my...... Read More

Tube Heater and B+ Power Supply Plan

Due to parts shortage on some components, I can’t complete the assembly of my DIY project. So I just write down the idea on my scratch book. Here is the...... Read More

Aluminum Foil to Wrap Your PC Power Supply Cable

I was involved in the discussion about “Good PC Power Supply“. Then, I suggested a small trick to wrap the power supply cable with aluminum foil (you can find it...... Read More