I do love the improvement after I finish the VCap TFTF Capacitor Mods on my Aikido Power Supply. The staging is awesome. I could “see” not only a center point, but also a little bit left/right, even more left/right, left/right (on the speaker), and far away left/right. But sometime, I feel the Pre-Amp is too dynamic (to speedy). For instrument music, it’s ok. But for mostly vocal dominated music, I think I need to slow it down – a little bit – without losing the awesome staging off course.

Since we know the “problem” is caused by the VCap TFTF, so we have to start the solution from this point also (it’s just because I have “predicted” that I have no option to improve on the other section).

Ok, what should we do?


I have one unused – not even break-in – Jensen Copper Foil Paper Tube 0.47uF/630VDC. Why don’t we give a try? 😉

After 15 minutes soldering session, a combination of WBT Silver Solder and standard “el cheapo” 60:40 Solder, and a glass of juice… Time to hear the result.

The overall sound is slowing down, with sweeter vocal, and still an awesome staging. I can feel it even has a deeper staging (laid back). But further investigation should be done at least after 30-40 hours playing. I think it’s enough for the Jensen to settle in.