Monthly Archives: August 2009

In Depth Session: Jensen Copper Foil Paper Tube vs Duelund CAST PIO

Still curious about the different between Jensen Copper Foil Paper Tube and Duelund CAST PIO, I held another session to benchmark both capacitors. You can read previous articles here and...... Read More

Another Aikido Pre-Amp Mods

Never ending tweaks and mods? Yes I think so. Actually, my Aikido Pre-Amp already sounds good. But as a DIY, I think the journey never ends. Tomorrow always comes with...... Read More

Extreme Capacitors Battle (2nd Session)

After you read this, perhaps you would expect a better system to test the capacitors. So today, I visit a friend, and test the capacitors on his system. We can...... Read More

Another Aikido Power Supply Mod

I just change my old “Aruki” Korean oil-can capacitor to ASC and Mundorf MCap Supreme. The configuration before is 60 uF and 40 uF Aruki Capacitor, now changed to 3.3...... Read More

Extreme Capacitors Battle (1st Session)

Just what I’ve promised before, finally today I do the most awaited Capacitors Battle. Actually the “real battle” will be done within next few days. Let’s say, this is as...... Read More

DIY Socket Converter: B4/B5 to Octal Socket

Still remember my Aikido project? Until now, I’m still using Octal socket (since most of my rectifiers are Octal based, like 5U4, GZ37, etc).  Few weeks ago, I was poisoned...... Read More

Vifa XT25TG30 Metal Flange Mod Project

I have used this Vifa driver in my DIY loudspeaker for several years. Due to its pocket friendly price and also its performance. Yes, this is the cheapest Ring Radiator...... Read More

“El Cheapo” Slow Blow Fuse

I bought cheap slow blow fuse yesterday. Actually, almost all of my amp or preamp could use standard fuse with no problem. But sometime, due to inrush current, I may...... Read More

ELMA Switch for Capacitor Comparison Session

Still remember the Extreme Capacitor Battle article? Well, it’s not done yet, but we are very close on it. The break-in session has reached around 180++ hours. I can feel...... Read More