Monthly Archives: June 2007

Adverstisement in The Sky?

Tall building is everywhere. Yup, no surprise here since land price is too expensive. People tends to build building vertically than horizontally. Welcome the skycrappers! Few days ago, during Computex...... Read More

Rackmount Server Dimension

My friend asks me about the different between 1U rackmount server with 6U. I search around and find some valuable information from here. I copy-and-paste the table below. Unit Dimension...... Read More

My Old Project: Interconnect Cable (Belden CAT6/23AWG) and Speaker Cable (Avaya CAT5/24AWG)

This is my old project, just re-uploaded again from my old tripod account to my blog 🙂 Basically, after a long discussion with my colleagues at “auvi” mailing-list, especially Mr....... Read More

Finally Published: The Lenovo Affair (Indonesian Translated)

Finally, after waiting for about 5 months (3 months translating project), the book is published. The author of this book is Ling Zhijun, translated to English by Martha Avery, and...... Read More

Ketika Hidup Harus Memilih…

Ini post pertama gue yang pake bahasa Indonesia. Kenapa? Karena gue percaya yang baca post ini hanyalah orang Indonesia (kalo ada). Orang-orang bule sana sih ga penting deh untuk tau...... Read More