Monthly Archives: November 2006

“Smack Down” and Us (Indonesian)

Everyone knows TV programme called Smack Down (and it’s variants under World Wrestling Entertainment). Later these days in my country, Indonesia, some people claim that his/her chilidren got injured because...... Read More

HSDPA is On the Way

HSDPA stands for High Speed Downlink Packet Access. I knew and tested this technology over one year ago. Actually it was more concentrated for data than voice, so the physic...... Read More

James Bond 007: Casino Royale

Well, I’m not a big fan of 007 series, but because I didnt have any better movie last week, so the latest James Bond: Casino Royale was chosen. Here’s my...... Read More

Basic C/C++ Operator and PHP

I try to make my page more flexible with Google AdSense. So, I move the bottom banner to the middle of my post. But well, my last programming activity was...... Read More

Creative X-Fi Module (Xmod) and 24-bit Crystalizer

Few days ago, I got sample of the new Creative sound card, the Xmod. Actually, it’s based on X-Fi technology: 24-bit Crystalizer and CMSS-3D. It has USB interface, plug-n-play for...... Read More

We Are Not Ready… Yet…

Today is 20th, and I just remember that I have one bill due today. I come early this morning, expect to get faster Internet connection at my office. Then, I...... Read More

AMD, ATI, Intel, and NVIDIA

I’ve just seen the launch of NVIDIA’s latest product, the 8800 card. Um well, this card is outrageously fast and simply to say the first to implement DirectX 10 (though...... Read More

Tiring Trip…

Last week, started on 6th November 2006, I had a 8 days trip to 4 cities in Indonesia. What a tiring trip! We spend day one to trip to Yogyakarta...... Read More

Bodhisatva Kwan Im (Quan Yin) Pousat Birthday

Today is the birthday of Bodhisatva Kwan Im (Quan Yin) Pousat. And here’s the picture of my altar. Taken last week on 5th November (15th on Chinese Moon Lunar). She...... Read More