Monthly Archives: December 2022

Ultimate “Cost No Object” Elekit TU-8900 Upgrade

This will be my ultimate Elekit TU-8900 “cost no object” upgrade project. I have collected the parts for quite some time. Some are new, some perhaps have been there for...... Read More

Book Review: Sakuma’s Articles Collection from MJ Audio

This piece of art (book, I mean) consists of articles, photos, and information about the famous audiophile/DIY from Japan, Sakuma. Though it’s not cheap (7700 JPY), this 346 pages book...... Read More

Takatsuki TA-300B: Made in Japan

Just bought new 300B tubes from Japan, Takatsuki TA-300B. This Japanese made tube should be one of the top line for 300B tube on the market – comparable with new...... Read More