Monthly Archives: September 2006

Me, Mr. Bing, and Kharma at CHEX 2006

Last Sunday, I visited Car and Home Entertainment Expo or CHEX 2006 at Balai Kartini, Jakarta, Indonesia. That was an annual expo for car, home theatre, and high-end audio in...... Read More

DIY Speaker Cable

I’ve just finished building my new speaker cable. Nothing special here. Just want to post the photo. I will test it soon and post the result.... Read More

WordPress Backslash Problem!

I’ve just received one comment from someone at one of my post. Then, I replied the comment. Suddenly, I got error on my reply. Not a catasthropic error, it’s just...... Read More

Altec Lansing FX4021: Isobaric Subwoofer on MultiMedia Speaker

Well, this is one of the latest product from Altec Lansing, the FX4021. At first, I don’t see anything special from this speaker, until I see the subwoofer’s design.... Read More

My High Quality Audio Grade Components

I’ve just bought few parts for my stock yesterday. Now, I gather all of my stock components list them here. I found some unique, vintage “well known” good components, and...... Read More

One Night At Makassar, South Sulawesi

I was asked to be a speaker at Makassar. The topic was “Blogging for All”. The event was held at MTC Karebosi on 9 September 19:30. The audiences were quite...... Read More

Stitching Photos with AutoStitch: Click, Click, Click, and It’s Done!

Well, a friend of mine, Donovan told me about AutoStitch software few weeks ago (thanks Don!). I gave it a try and got very satisfactory result. The original photo was...... Read More

Windows Vista Audio Enhancement: Finally, Nice Features for Everybody

I’ve installed Windows Vista few months ago, but I don’t use it for typical daily use. Today, I examine the audio option and find few interesting things. It looks like...... Read More

MTX Audio JackHammer: They call it “Ridiculous Bass”

A subwoofer is very common in audio system. In your car, in your home, in restaurant, anywhere. It’s not difficult to find a subwoofer. But this one is crazy. We...... Read More

Audiophile’s Sound Card: For “Audiophile Wanna Be”?

Later these days, I saw many new sound cards claiming itself as an audiophile’s card. Few of the sample are Onkyo SE-90PCI, SE-150PCI, and some from Audiotrak like Prodigy 7.1...... Read More

In-Movie Commercial: 50% Education, 50% Imagination

I’ve just watched the “Snake on the Plane”. Well, I saw some interesting (but not a new innovation) on the movie: The in-movie commercial. On one scene, the FBI agent...... Read More

RCA Splitter: The Problem Explained

I remembered this thing when we conducted the blind test last week. The RCA Splitter shouldn’t be used when examining the character of two cables. Read more to understand the...... Read More