Monthly Archives: December 2012

DIY Battery Power Supply for Sencore LC102

If you have read my previous article regarding the Sencore LC102, definitely you will notice that I have no power supply for this unit. After searching around, it seems quite...... Read More

Dedicated Soldering Iron

Call me a perfectionist (or paranoid or retarded, like some people usually call the ‘audiophool‘), but I always keep my soldering iron only for certain type of tin solder. The...... Read More

OpAmp to Upgrade Xonar Essence One

I was digging my component box to see if I can find some other opamp to be used in Xonar Essence One. Luckily I still have some obsolete (but my...... Read More

ASUS Xonar Essence One Meets QLS QA-660

Just to kill the curiosity, I hooked up ASUS Xonar Essence One to my QLS QA-660. Seemed the process didn’t click that easy. Xonar Essence One failed to capture the...... Read More

ASUS Xonar Essence One: Preliminary Exploration

ASUS seems so serious to jump into sound card industry. Since the first Xonar sound card launched several years back, ASUS keeps doing a lot of innovative things. I think,...... Read More

Bennic XPP Capacitor Orientation Check

During a lazy Saturday afternoon, there was a person asked on one of the mailing list about the orientation of the Bennic FPP capacitor. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any Bennic...... Read More

Indonesia High End Audio Show 2012: Hotel Sultan, Jakarta, Indonesia

Indonesia High End Audio Club holds an audio show from 7-9th of December 2012. Located in Hotel Sultan (used to be Hilton Hotel), Jakarta, Indonesia. There are total of 4...... Read More

Aucharm Fuse

Just looking around and found something that looked interesting. Hope I’m right 😉... Read More

QLS QA-660 Basic Power Supply Modification Plan

QLS QA-660 comes with a standard PCB mount multi-secondaries transformer. This is probably not a bad transformer, but most of the time I would be more comfortable with a separate...... Read More

Sencore LC102 Capacitor-Inductor Analyzer

I have been addicted with (vintage) measurement device for quite some time, maybe 5-6 years ago. This is not because of no reason. Vintage measurement device (mostly) uses high quality...... Read More