Monthly Archives: February 2014

Telefunken ‘Hexode’ YL1260

This is a giant tube. With around 500 grams of weight, definitely this is a heavy weight class. It’s a Pentode with shadow grid to reduce the screen current –...... Read More

Shuguang 300BS-B Ceramic Tube Socket

This is quite common tube, 300B by Shuguang. Nothing really special, only white ceramic tube socket, gold plated pins, and carbonized nickel plate. Let’s see how interesting this tube when...... Read More

The Beauty of EIMAC Tube: EIMAC 8165/4-65A and EIMAC VT-129/304TL

EIMAC tube is well known as high power (we are talking ‘K’ in Volts). The current requirement also quite heavy. But the best thing from them is they are beautiful...... Read More

‘No Name’ Capacitor Reviewed on

I used to review a lot of stuff, including capacitor. But it comes upon a time when I have to be reviewed – I mean, my stuff. If you haven’t...... Read More

F5T (F5 Turbo) PCB

This is indeed a nice F5T (F5 Turbo) PCB. Well designed one, good option and flexibility, and surely good quality fabrication. Time to shop for the parts? 😉... Read More