Monthly Archives: September 2010

Jensen Paper Tube on Terratec Aureon Firewire DAC Output

I’m about to finalize this sound card mod. The output now is taken directly from the WM8770IFT, coupled with Jensen Copper Foil Paper Tube Capacitor (before it was Mundorf Silver/Gold/Oil)....... Read More

Tiny Amplifier

I’m thinking to create a first gift for my newborn (ooopsss… he is not yet here, just about to). A small MP3 Player with tiny amplifier to drive a small...... Read More

Is There Such an Immortal Thing? (We Are Talking Digital Media)

Some of the readers mailed to me and asked, why do I digitalize my collections? The reason is as below. I found at least one of my CD has a...... Read More

Digitalizing Audio CD – My Collections

After a disappointing thing happens this morning (later I will discuss), I decide to make a digital backup of almost all (at least my favorites) Audio CD collection. The best...... Read More

Tweaking with Musicsnap

On our last local DIY Audio gathering, we were provided with a free complimentary set of a new tweaking stuff. It was called Musicsnap. On my imagination, this kind of...... Read More

Luxeon High Power LED

On this long holiday, I dig one of my old abandoned project box and find my old Luxeon project. This was my old project. A pair of Luxeon III Star...... Read More

Jensen 4-pole Installation Explained

I have received some emails asking about “what is this Jensen 4-pole” and “what makes it different from other”. I will write down short explanation about it.... Read More