First post in the year 2016 (still on Jan 1st). Happy New Year everyone!

I have 2 major updates this year.

First, will have a major face lift. The old theme (SimpleWP) which has accompanied me for since July 2006 (nearly 10 years, huh) will be replaced with newer and more responsive theme, Creativo. I’m still doing some modification to suit my personal taste and frankly speaking after years not doing any such basic editing/coding, I think my brain is getting rusty here.



Second, will be upgraded from Shared Hosting to Cloud Hosting. Still with since my first time having my blog and still going strong. Based on the information here, the data will be mirrored on 3 different locations – which will increase availability in case one of the server somehow not available.


Based on the information inside my account, it seems my hosting are mirrored into 4 locations instead of 3. Well, that’s good. I also feel the loading time is much faster (even with old SimpleWP theme).


Another feature is the possibility to upgrade when there is a need for more CPU or RAM. I don’t think I will have such need in the near future, but this flexibility for sure will fall into consideration.


Click link below to join!