Monthly Archives: June 2013

Cleaning DACT Stepped Attenuator

Living in such humid country, then corrosion is always around. I hate it, frankly speaking. But no choice 😉 I try to ignore such corrosion (and throw away my ‘perfectionist’...... Read More

Vermouth Audio CR-M02-Rho Chassis RCA

Upon searching for a value Chassis RCA for my ASUS Xonar Essence One upgrade, I remember one of new audio brand owned by local colleague. The brand is Vermouth Audio....... Read More

‘No Name’ Capacitor Revision 2: To Know More (and To Review a bit)

Here is short review of  my ‘No Name’ Capacitor Rev. 2. Before, I have given short introduction here. So here is some more explanation and short review later. I got...... Read More

Duelund VSF Cast Ag (Silver) Lead-out Upgrade

I bought this Duelund VSF Cast Ag (Silver) around 3 years ago. I think Duelund was not as popular as now at that time, but still this Ag (Silver) version...... Read More

Custom Order of Duelund VSF Cast Cu (Copper) with Duelund 2.0 Leadout

One of my friend bought my Duelund VSF Cast Cu (Copper). Actually I always keep some pairs for my own use, but as you know that I’m a bit slower...... Read More