Monthly Archives: December 2009

Duelund CAST Resistor

Not really published on the market (at least not well spotted around big online webstore), but I manage to get a pair of it. This is the CAST version of...... Read More

Testing My Power Supply (Still Not Yet Finished)

I have a short free time at the afternoon, and it’s time to test my Power Supply for my Gainclone. Powered by Talema dual secondaries, each rated at 18VAC/6.3A... Read More

Audio Note Copper Foil Mylar in Oil Capacitor

Just arrive, could be my last “considered high end” capacitor… I welcome you, Audio Note Copper Foil Mylar in Oil 0.47uF/630Volt. I do love the beautiful elegant copper appearance from...... Read More

“Ridiculous” Gainclone Project

I will not use “Ultimate” or “Premium” project since no one knows (even me) the result of this Gainclone project. I would say… “Ridiculous Gainclone”. Is that OK? 😉 To...... Read More

An Upgrade with Z11 Lamination and Germany/Australia Wire

I order another transformer. This should be an upgrade of the previous version. First, I add 0-75V tap for my neon lamp INS-1. Second, I upgrade from H10 to Z11...... Read More