Monthly Archives: April 2009

Beautiful Glowing Tubes This Week

I dig my tube boxes and found this old tube. Not a really expensive or most wanted tube, yeah… just an old Western Electric 393A tube. It’s a Argon and...... Read More

“Perfectionist” Design

Being a perfectionist is not easy (and not cheap). Still remember my ambitious project before? I want to make it perfect, so let’s start the 1st phase, testing the capacitor...... Read More

Single Ended Amplifier Weekend Benchmarking Session

It’s time for Single Ended amplifier benchmarking session. Located at Bakmi Margonda, Sarinah, Indonesia. Here is some shoot from the event. The system was very simple, Tannoy speaker, Audio Aero...... Read More

Beautiful Glowing Tubes

One factor that makes me like tube is its glow. Well, it’s hard to explain, but some tubes have a beautiful color, especially in dark room. Here is some of...... Read More

Weekend Tube Testing with Knight 600 Tube Tester

After previous trip to “trash bin” shop, now it’s the time to test it 😉 So I open my old Knight 600 Tube Tester and fire it up. Picture below...... Read More

Amperex 6BQ5/EL84

Amperex 6BQ5/EL84 from “trash bin” shop 😉 Not bad for some cheap experiment!... Read More

Black Gate F Series Gainclone Power Bank

As I’ve promised before, my Gainclone project will be supplied with special smoothing capacitors. Welcome, the Black Gate F Series 680uF/65V. Each rail (positive and negative) will have 30 pcs...... Read More

Digital Volume Control

I’m thinking of a digital volume control, instead of passive one (with potentiometer or stepped attenuator). Hmm… Searching around the net, I found some IC from Maxim. I grabbed some...... Read More