Monthly Archives: January 2007

Once More: X-Fi Crystalizer

For once more, I will play with Crystalizer. I use Creative Xmod for this purpose. I have discussed Crystalizer on my previous article here. That times, I used RMAA. Now,...... Read More

X-Fi Xtreme Audio = Audigy SE ???

Creative has just launched some their latest products. One of them is the X-Fi Xtreme Audio. Some rumours say that this X-Fi Xtreme Audio is not a real X-Fi. Is...... Read More

Evening Pratice: Soldering the Processor!

Few hours ago, my colleague told me that he has a broken processor. It was an Intel Pentium4 Extreme Edition (I havent’s checked the model number). One of the capacitor...... Read More

Chen Lily (陳潔麗): Each in a Different Corner of the World (一水隔天涯)

Artist: Chen Lily/Chen Chie Li (陳潔麗) Album: Each in a Different Corner of the World (一水隔天涯) Publisher: Rain Forest Studio Recording Technology: N/A (available in XRCD2 and LP) About this...... Read More