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Spatium Audio Clavis Power Filter Module Test Continue…

During local DIY audio gathering few weeks back, we also got chance to audition the Spatium Audio Clavis Power Filter Module. I think this kind of event is absolutely a...... Read More

DIY Power Supply Cable with Fuse and Alligator Clips

I’m not quite sure if the title above is correct, but I just can’t figure out something better. Basically, when you are doing DIY, then you will play a lot...... Read More

Universal Tube Power Supply Unit Design Plan

As a DIY, I think it’s important to have a dedicated power supply module. I have tried several design, but finally got tired if I have to finalized the build...... Read More

J&K Audio Design Custom Power Transformer (More Pictures)

Ken sent me more pictures. It would be interesting as the production is entering the final stage. I will not write much about this transformer as I have done that...... Read More

J&K Audio Design Custom Power Transformer

I have spent quite a lot of time to find a good transformer maker who can build something “beyond ordinary”. That means something standard (or a bit above standard) is...... Read More

‘No Name’ Capacitor Reviewed on

I used to review a lot of stuff, including capacitor. But it comes upon a time when I have to be reviewed – I mean, my stuff. If you haven’t...... Read More

Asus Xonar Essence One Power Supply: Removing the Capacitors

Removing the capacitor from a through-hole PCB never become an easy job. But for the sake of modification, that is the only way and surely no way back. I spent...... Read More

Asus Xonar Essence One Power Supply

Still remember Asus Xonar Essence One DAC? It’s time to disassembly the power supply. It’s separated on small PCB. Good design as this makes my life more beautiful, although it’s not an...... Read More

Tube Burner Platform

If you have a lot of old tubes, then this idea could be useful. I have planned to make this small device, but somehow quite lazy (ugh!). I think because...... Read More

Prototyping Power Supply Layout for My Preamp [2]

Still remember the first chapter here? I have transferred the paper mockup into digital format. It didn’t take long time to do that 😉 Just need to send (or print)...... Read More

Prototyping Power Supply Layout for My Preamp

As my chassis has done few days ago, now it’s time to design the placement of the parts. I have mentioned before that the dimension was quite tight, so I...... Read More

Hashimoto C-25-150CH Choke Input and Tamura A-4004 Choke

As  my Sowter Choke Input was acquisitioned by my friend. Then I have to consider some replacement. Actually my friend was interested with Hashimoto or similar, but as most of...... Read More