Monthly Archives: July 2009

Extra Capacitor Break-In/Burn-In Session with XLO Test Disc

Still remember my capacitors break-in session? After passing a long 150 hours break-in time, today, I add another session with XLO Test Disc, track #9 “System Burn-In”. I repeat the...... Read More

Toshiba SD-2960 DVD Player Reclock Guide (with “Poor’s Man X-Ray Technique”)

It’s been awhile since my last mod of Toshiba SD-2960 DVD Player here, here, and here. Now, it’s time for more fun. I plan to reclock the DVD Player with...... Read More

Telefunken RGN 1054 Rectifier

After several weeks of waiting, today I receive my most awaited rectifier, the Telefunken RGN 1054. This rectifier rated at 75mA and 300Volt. More than enough to drive my Aikido....... Read More

Finally, It’s Done… Soldering 60 pcs of Black Gate Troops…

After over 2 month of laziness, finally I finish the tiring job, soldering 60 pcs of Black Gate F Series for my Gainclone Power Supply. Well, practically, this is not...... Read More

Capacitors Break-In Session

Still remember the extreme capacitors battle? Well, we need to break-in those capacitors first for a fair judgement. So here it is. I don’t have much time to break-in those...... Read More