Monthly Archives: February 2011

AZ1 Comparison: Philips vs Valvo vs Telefunken

I dig some of my collection and find some AZ1 tubes. Basically, I have several tubes, but short word, they are separated into 3 brands, Philips Miniwatt AZ1, Valvo AZ1,...... Read More

G2504 / RGN2504 Black Mesh

I would rather call this as “beauty in the dark”… No longer perfect in terms of construction, slightly off-center for the mesh and triangle, since probably over 70 years old...... Read More

P-Socket to Octal Socket Converter

When I clean up some of my collections today, I accidentally find some tubes which I rarely (or probably never) use. Actually I have some bad habits, collecting “junks”. Not...... Read More

Lincoln Mayorga and Amanda McBroom: Growing up in Hollywood Town (CD-13)

This album is one of the my precious collectible album. Not just because this CD is quite rare (the original one, not remastered with XRCD bla-bla-bla), but this CD also...... Read More