Monthly Archives: March 2008

Ignore the Autorun.INF (Forever!)

I was on the meeting, and suddenly all the attendees infected with a 3o.exe trojan. This was due to an USB Flashdisk. The trojan infected all automatically (and silently) by...... Read More

Silent Downloader

I tried to download Google Earth. I searched around and found this link. I downloaded the Google Updater and after few clicks, I downloaded the Google Earth. Google would use...... Read More

Microsoft Office 2007 Service Pack 1

I just have problem with my Outlook 2007. It’s getting slower, slower, slower, slower, and slower. And in last few days, it sent multiple emails to same recipient (especially when...... Read More

Ngeblog Bentar di Airport Hong Kong

Numpang norak bentar… Lagi mampir di Airport Hong Kong. Nyalain notebook. Buset kencengnya ini Internet. Maklum biasanya paling 50-60 KB/s. Pernah sih di Singapore sampe 500 KB/s, tapi gak gratis....... Read More

Why Foobar2000?

This is a very popular question from PC-Audio users. Why Foobar2000? It’s a strange name. Why not WinAmp? Windows Media Player? MusicMatch Jukebox? Apple iTunes? or what-so-ever more popular other...... Read More

Disassembly ASUS Xonar U1

It doesn’t take a long time to disassembly this tiny cute ASUS Xonar U1. So I decide to do it on my short spare time. The first thing to do...... Read More

Narik Duit Gampang di Luar Negeri

Saya memang bukan tipe orang yang gemar shopping. Oleh karena itu, ketika berpergian ke luar negeri pun, saya jarang bawa uang cash banyak-banyak. Buat apa? Pikir saya. Toh hari gini...... Read More

Treo 600 No Sound Problem (Except if 2.5mm Jack Plugged In)

Well, I received this old Treo 600 from my friend (Bugzy Khu). I bought it very cheap 😉 But off course the price could describe the condition. Broken antenna and...... Read More