Monthly Archives: April 2007

Blackberry on Windows Mobile this Fall

According to this, Research in Motion (RIM) is working on the emulator to make Windows Mobile based devices to work like a Blackberry. I think the idea is simple, but...... Read More

Train Your Brain with Spb Brain Evolution

Spb has just launcher their new application (or game?). The idea is very interesting, to exercise your brain. Train your brain to reach another level, just like your muscle. Basically,...... Read More

No Computex for NVIDIA?

According to here, NVIDIA will not participate in Computex Taipei that will be held on June 2007. They will maintain a display room (during Computex), according sources at the company....... Read More

Tuning of the Day: Remove those Port Noise

I’m just listening the Sonic Gear Apocalypx A6, a mini bookshelf stereo speaker with one tube as buffer/pre-amp. I can’t see the tube inside, but I suspect the tube is...... Read More

Onkyo SE-90PCI: A Real Audiophile’s Sound Card?

I’ve just received my Onkyo SE-90PCI from my friend at Singapore. Thanks bro :). Before I spend my time to mod it, I take some photos. Enjoy it. The photo...... Read More

Creative Offers Their Chipset to 3rd Party Sound Card Maker? So, Welcome the Auzen X-Fi Prelude 7.1

It’s unusual to see Creative allows their competitor to use their chipset, but they just did that! My friend contacted me and informed a new product from Auzentech (Auzen), the...... Read More

Luxeon Rebel: High Density Surface Mount LED

When I was searching for Luxeon datasheet, I found a new product, the Luxeon Rebel series. Quite interesting product, in terms of dimension and light density.... Read More

Bluehost New Features: Simply Amazing!

I just check this morning to check my account. Suddenly, I was stunned with its new feature. See below. The “BIG“ things are: 300 GB hosting space! 3.000 GB...... Read More

Oscars Motettkör: Cantate Domino

Artist: Various (Oscars Motettk̦r and friends) Album: Cantate Domino Publisher: Proprius Records PRCD7762 Recording Technology: РAbout this album: This is a nice album for Christmas (though perhaps not all...... Read More

Low Jitter Clock for Your Player

I want to upgrade some of my audio equipment. Some of them are my player and my sound card. After playing with PSU, opamp, capacitor, diode, etc, now it’s time...... Read More