Monthly Archives: May 2007

Single Ended Amplifier Audio Blind Test

Last week (last Saturday, 26 May 2007), Indonesian audio DIY community held a blind test session. The blind test was held at Rich Audio, ITC Permata Hijau. This time, the...... Read More

Capacitors for Onkyo SE-90PCI Mod Project

As I’ve mentioned on my previous thread here, I plan to modify the components on the Onkyo SE-90PCI. So, some of the parts have arrived. Some are still on the...... Read More

ASUS Xonar: A HTPC Companion?

It’s no surprise to see a motherboard, vga, notebook, or even a barebone PC from ASUS. But, wait a second, a sound card? Yes, a sound card. ASUS introduced Xonar...... Read More

Teresa Teng: Volume I (LPCD45)

Artist: Teresa Teng Album: Volume I Publisher: Universal (works together with Hugo Productions) Recording Technology: LPCD45 About this album: This is my first LPCD45 album. I bought it around S$...... Read More

LPCD: A New CD Audio Technology from Hugo Productions

Around last year or two, I heard about LPCD. Term “LP” itself is commonly used for Vinyl (or turntable, got the point?). So LPCD means a CD with “vinyl” taste...... Read More

Onkyo SE-90PCI: Removing All the Capacitor

I decide to mod my “3-weeks” old Onkyo SE-90PCI. The basic sound is good actually, but I think I can add more taste for it. I have checked my parts...... Read More

Luxeon III Star Project

I’ve finished my Luxeon III project. It contains two Luxeon III Star (Lambertian). I design a simple voltage and current regulator based on two National Semiconductor LM317. You can adjust...... Read More

A Night View at Losari Beach, Makassar

I just returned from Makassar, South Sulawesi, yesterday (after delayed around 3 hours). I arrived around 01.00 in the morning. I got a small shoot at the Losari Beach, Makassar,...... Read More

Creative ALchemy: EAX Magic on Vista

I’ve just downloaded Creative ALchemy from here. I install the Windows Vista with X-Fi Elite Pro and F.E.A.R. Screenshot above shows the F.E.A.R on Vista. Hey? All the HW acceleration...... Read More

New Google’s Feature?

See the picture below. This page will be shown when you are accessing “considered forbidden” website from Google’s search result. I don’t know the criteria of a website that will...... Read More