Monthly Archives: May 2010

Good Bye Eyang Gesang (and also Fritz Sennheiser)

In just few days, world lost two big guys, well known in the audio/music world. First was Gesang Martohartono (1 October 1917 – 20 May 2010), a renowned Indonesia singer...... Read More

Burn-in Rig Before Battle

I plan to compare some capacitors from Jensen and one from Audio Note. The two from Jensen are Jensen Copper Foil Paper-in-Oil (Paper Tube) and Jensen Copper Foil Paper-in-Oil (Copper...... Read More

Resistor Orientation on the Oscilloscope

After reading my article about finding out capacitor inner-outer foil, some of my readers asked me to do the similar test on the resistor. Well, technically speaker, resistor shouldn’t have...... Read More