Monthly Archives: April 2012

Custom PCB for Yamamoto 9Pin Teflon Tube Socket

I bought Yamamoto 9Pin socket few weeks ago and I just realize that actually I need the PCB in order to make the soldering process easier. As you also notice,...... Read More

Jensen Copper Foil Paper-In-Oil Ceramic Tube Capacitor

Jensen has 4 types in their Copper Foil Paper-In-Oil line-up capacitor. Actually, they are same capacitor, but only has different chassis or enclosure. Unfortunately, the different in enclosure produces different...... Read More

DPDT Switch with Center Off from the History

Finally after a long journey, I find few pcs of DPDT switch with center off. You might be asking why we should have a center off switch? Probably not everyone...... Read More

Trio Tamura Choke

Tamura’s iron is not new kid on the block. They have been here for a quite long time. Even Westerner also admits the quality of Tamura (well, we can see...... Read More

Yamamoto Teflon Tube Socket

If you have been in this audio industry quite some time, then you might not be surprised to hear this name: Yamamoto. Yamamoto is well known for its Telfon tube...... Read More