Monthly Archives: July 2006

Taipei from 101 Towers: Train of Lights

This picture was taken from 101 Towers at Taipei (about 382 metre height – on my current floor). The equipment was Canon EOS 350D with f/8, 4 secs exposure, and...... Read More

Hey Bloggers! Share Your Knowledge, Will You?

I have read a lot of blogs in my life. From my good friends to nobody. I’ve seen a lot of you use blog as an online diary. You write...... Read More

Misdirection, Stan! Misdirection!

Last night, I saw a good movie on local TV. Actually, that was one of my favorite movie, with title Swordfish. I believe most of you have seen this movie,...... Read More

DIY Notebook: To Be Or Not To Be?

Later this year, we will have a DIY Notebook around the market. The 7 main components like cover/panel, LCD, battery, adapter, hard disk, optical drive, and keyboard are replaceable. In...... Read More

Audio Cable: Does It Really Matter?

Cable is one of the most underestimated part in audio. A lot of people consider to upgrade their CD player, their pre/amplifier, their speaker, or even their room (the accoustic)....... Read More

Why Do We Need Powerful Subwoofer At Car?

Few weeks ago, a member of CHIP’s forum asked me why do we need a powerful subwoofer (with big magnet, stiff/hard cone, and lots of power) in car audio application?...... Read More

Toshiba SD-2960 Found!

I chat with my colleague yesterday. I didn’t mean to ask him, but suddenly (I didn’t know why) I asked him to check about Toshiba DVD Player SD-2960. His office...... Read More

Huang Hong Ying: Tasting Loneliness For The First Time (HDCD)

Artist: Huang Hong Ying Album: Tasting Loneliness For The First Time Publisher: Hugo Record Recording Technology: HDCD About this album: This is one of my favourite album for testing audio...... Read More

Basic Crossover Explained

I have just chat with my friend. He asked me about Active and Passive Crossover System. After gave him some brief explanation, I decided to write down about this topic...... Read More