Monthly Archives: September 2009

“Seductive” Night with RGN and New Power Supply

It’s over midnight. After my previous mod on my Aikido Power Supply section here, it’s time to test it with RGN rectifier. I pick my Tefefunken RGN1054 Mesh Rectifier (before,...... Read More

Testing the Jensen 4-Pole Capacitor

It’s a weekend holiday and it’s time to scratch my laziness and doing some audio DIY mods. This time, I will try a capacitor from Jensen, the 4-Pole Electrolytic. What...... Read More

Some More Collectible Stuff (The RGN 2004 and RGN 1054)

Due to generosity of my friend, let’s call him “Mr. S”, I manage to secure two more RGN Rectifier and add it to my collection. Welcome the Telefunken RGN 2004...... Read More

Resistors Upgrade on Aikido

I dig my parts bin and found some resistor values which I needed to upgrade my Aikido. I used three brands here, Riken RMG “Metal Film”, Shinkoh “Tantalum”, and Kiwame...... Read More

Jensen Pure Copper Foil Paper Tube as Power Supply Bypass

If before I picked Obbligato as last Power Supply (High Voltage) bypass capacitor, now I’m experimenting with Jensen Pure Copper Foil Paper Tube in this position. The result? Well, not...... Read More

Teresa Teng 15th Anniversary LP

Audio journey in life is full of poison. After completing my mission to poison my friend with a super caps (read: Duelund), then he poisons me back with this LP....... Read More

VCap TFTF on Power Supply Test

Yes, you might call me crazy! A Teflon VCap TFTF on Power Supply section? If I need to make myself clear, this 0.47uF/600VDC VCap TFTF Teflon capacitor will cost you...... Read More