Monthly Archives: July 2008

Time for Obbligatos…

After Elna, BlackGate, and M-Lytic, now it’s time for the Obbligato. My order just arrived yesterday. I bought three types of Obbligato available on the market. The picture above is...... Read More

Another Component Arrives…

Yesterday, another component arrived. This is one of the most important component for my B+ power supply. Welcome the Mundorf M-Lytic High Voltage “Special Custom Edition” 560uF/400V. This special capacitor...... Read More

IFRM: Between the Rectifier and Capacitor

Usually, I never care about the theory behind all of my DIY project. Just plug it, hear it, like it, and finish it. But now, due to some reason (though...... Read More

More Components Arrive…

After here and here, well seems not enough, I have ordered some more components for my next DIY project. Just arrive today. The target is clear. This could be my...... Read More

My Power Supply Transformer

My custom power transformers have just arrived. Like on my previous post, I plan to use 4 power transformer for my next Aikido project (two Heaters and two High Voltage)....... Read More

John Broskie’s Aikido Pre-Amplifier Blind Test Session

The time has come… Saturday, 6 July 2008… The Aikido Blind Test session at Tubelover, South Jakarta, Indonesia. Total we have 11 contenders today. All with John Broskie Aikido Pre-Amplifier...... Read More