Monthly Archives: September 2011

Class A Amplifier Blind Test Session

Last week, we held a simple DIY Blind Test session. The contenders were all Class A amplifier (we can see F5, J2, Aleph, TUMOS, and some others…) This was a...... Read More

Hashimoto C-25-150CH Choke Input and Tamura A-4004 Choke

As  my Sowter Choke Input was acquisitioned by my friend. Then I have to consider some replacement. Actually my friend was interested with Hashimoto or similar, but as most of...... Read More

Nokia E7 ‘USB On-The-Go’ Connects to USB Sound Card (It Works!)

“USB On-The-Go” is not really a new thing actually. But since I have ‘exiled’ myself from the glamorous gadget world, probably I have missed this one. So, I just acquire...... Read More