Monthly Archives: December 2008

Aikido High Voltage/B+ PSU Mod

From my previous Aikido project, I’m still thinking of improvement of my B+ PSU. Well, I still hear a small hum. There are several possibilities to be tried, but I’m...... Read More

My Knight 600 Tube Tester

I went to my friend’s house to test my “old” Knight 600 Tube Tester. It was old, I got from eBay. I didn’t have step down transformer on hand, so...... Read More

Gainclone Challenge: Picking My Agents

A Gainclone challenge? Why not? Solid state? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Wise man says ask “Why” five times. But I think I will end up with same answer 😉...... Read More

My Aikido on the Box

Finally, I put my Aikido Pre Amp on the chassis. Well, was a tough job since normally I didn’t do such thing (e.g. putting my DIY work on “little bit”...... Read More

Pre Amplifer “Free-for-All” Blind Test Session

Last week, located at Audio Lifestyle Magazine office (also known as TubeLover showroom), held a Pre Amplifier Blind Test Session. If I could recall my brain correctly, we have 38...... Read More