Monthly Archives: October 2011

Beautiful EIMAC 8165/4-65A Thoriated Tungsten Tube

I always enjoy the beauty of vacuum tube, especially when the heater is glowing bright on thoriated tungsten tube and in a dimmed room. The photo below only taken for...... Read More

Prototyping Power Supply Layout for My Preamp [2]

Still remember the first chapter here? I have transferred the paper mockup into digital format. It didn’t take long time to do that 😉 Just need to send (or print)...... Read More

Duelund CAST New Chassis Design

I ordered Duelund CAST Cu capacitor few months ago. I already have Duelund CAST Ag (Silver) on my Aikido Preamp. But I wanted Duelund CAST for my future amp (probably...... Read More

Alexander by Duelund

It’s interesting to hear how does this low end capacitor would sound. So I eventually try to obtain it. I just can’t stop my passion in this. Sigh… Priced at...... Read More

Prototyping Power Supply Layout for My Preamp

As my chassis has done few days ago, now it’s time to design the placement of the parts. I have mentioned before that the dimension was quite tight, so I...... Read More

Wrong Calculation… (on New Aikido Preamp Chassis)

I did a stupid mistake. I ordered new chassis, but during the construction, I changed some parts and forgot if the new parts actually ‘lot’ bigger than the old one....... Read More