I will start documenting my visit to some DIY friend. Due to privacy issue, I prefer not to document exact name or address. So appreciate if you know the name or location, then to keep it yourself.  This is very small world, so I think there is no secret that is too secret enough 😉

Mr. AS is one of senior in this audio world. I knew him long time ago (maybe more than 10 years ago), but this is first time for us to meet face to face. I’m amazed how Internet could change the way we interact with people - no matter how far the distance is.

Okay let’s make it short. I got chance to test several speakers set built by Mr. AS himself. You can enjoy the pictures below.

One of the first system auditioned was Mundorf Air Motion Transformer, combined with a/d/s mid and additional woofer on separate enclosure. Both Mundorf and a/d/s were mounted on open baffle enclosure. The high was extremely airy, very transparent and detail.


Next was a floor standing speaker designed for near field monitoring. If I remember correctly the drivers were from ScanSpeak and Dynaudio. Although could be used as normal stereo speaker, but I could feel this one works best in near field situation. The character was very typical of ScanSpeak and Dynaudio – stronger mid vocal with authority in low-mid-high. Transparency might be a bit less, especially after listening AMT system. Definitely a different character for different people.


Korg MR-2000S in action. This baby has promising sound and character to be used as high resolution digital audio player. Dark background, impressive detail and separationg, but without digital sound signature (it’s not that analogue yet, but also much improved compared to common digital source).



The Mundorf AMT tweeter on the open baffle configuration along with a/d/s mid woofer.

4-back AMT

We also saw a DIY Transformer Volume Control or TVC in acrylic enclosure. Another alternative for you who like iron sound – instead of common resistor sound used in stepped attenuator.


Mr. AS also known for his hobby collecting antique stuff. One of them is like shown in below picture. Those blue VU meter speaks by itself.



The last but not least was a floor standing speaker with Accuton drivers. I will not comment much on this one – simply it’s a mature design. It could deliver strong presence of the music, from low to high, in low or high volume. Off course, Accuton is not just an ordinary driver, but it also might require experimentation to mix the driver, crossover, and the box. I might missed the airiness of AMT a bit, but Accuton simply delivered the high frequency with proper resolution and weight. That made the music in overall more complete as a whole. Totally different experience.


Vintage McIntosh MC 2120 also used to drive the speaker on some of the listening session.