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Testing Korg MR-2000S with Mr. AS at Serpong

I will start documenting my visit to some DIY friend. Due to privacy issue, I prefer not to document exact name or address. So appreciate if you know the name...... Read More

Repairing Broken Peerless/Tymphany P830985 Full Range Driver

I got this Tymphany driver from broken Bluetooth speaker. First, I don’t expect I would see anything special inside a broken Bluetooh speaker. But I’m wrong. The driver used is...... Read More

New Year’s Challenge Continues [Mission 762 Speaker Modification]

If you have read this previous article, probably you got my point when reading this one. Now, I’m doing the modification for the speaker. After several serious examination (well, you...... Read More

Terratec Aureon FireWire 7.1 Mod (II)

This post is the 2nd episode of my Terratec Aureon 7.1 FireWire mod. You can check the 1st one here. Below is the final appearance of my Aureon. Sigh… despite...... Read More

Terratec Aureon FireWire 7.1 Mod

I’ve been very busy later these days, almost no time even to refresh myself listening the music. Powering my tube amp, let them warm up won’t take less than 30...... Read More

Basic Amplifier Mods for Dummies

I have received so many emails asking about how to do the mods. Why I do this? Why I do that? Etc… Ok, I will spend my lazy evening to...... Read More

Weekend Audio Session at DWA’s House

It was a nice session at DWA’s house located at Bintaro. We held a long session, from morning to night, from amplifier, preamp, DAC, to speaker. The event was started...... Read More

Sunday Session at PJ’s House

Since tomorrow is holiday, so I take this Sunday as a “long holiday”. So I pay a visit to my good friend, Mr. Paul a.k.a PJ. I also bring my...... Read More

My DIY Speaker (Another) Crossover Tweak

Was a tough and tiring Friday. I want to listen some music (but I need to tweak some). Ok, fire up my iron and start to cook it right away. If...... Read More