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Ultimate “Cost No Object” Elekit TU-8900 Upgrade

This will be my ultimate Elekit TU-8900 “cost no object” upgrade project. I have collected the parts for quite some time. Some are new, some perhaps have been there for...... Read More

Testing Korg MR-2000S with Mr. AS at Serpong

I will start documenting my visit to some DIY friend. Due to privacy issue, I prefer not to document exact name or address. So appreciate if you know the name...... Read More

Dedicated Soldering Iron

Call me a perfectionist (or paranoid or retarded, like some people usually call the ‘audiophool‘), but I always keep my soldering iron only for certain type of tin solder. The...... Read More

Duelund Alexander Capacitor Subjective Listening Test

It’s been a while since my last capacitor comparison review was done. Not much changes actually (not much new ‘interesting’ products also I think). But I was quite tempted to...... Read More

Terratec Aureon FireWire 7.1 Mod (II)

This post is the 2nd episode of my Terratec Aureon 7.1 FireWire mod. You can check the 1st one here. Below is the final appearance of my Aureon. Sigh… despite...... Read More

Terratec Aureon FireWire 7.1 Mod

I’ve been very busy later these days, almost no time even to refresh myself listening the music. Powering my tube amp, let them warm up won’t take less than 30...... Read More

Am I Seeing (Smelling?) My Gold Burned?

When I arrived back home at night and cleaned up my equipment, I noticed that my solder tip has “golden” color appearance. Well, I have been on this solder-toy-world for...... Read More

Mundorf M-Solder Supreme Silver/Gold

I also got chance to test the Mundorf M-Solder Supreme Silver/Gold. This is one of the finest solder on the market. Currently, I use WBT for most of my main...... Read More

Another Aikido Pre-Amp Mods

Never ending tweaks and mods? Yes I think so. Actually, my Aikido Pre-Amp already sounds good. But as a DIY, I think the journey never ends. Tomorrow always comes with...... Read More

Extreme Capacitors Battle (2nd Session)

After you read this, perhaps you would expect a better system to test the capacitors. So today, I visit a friend, and test the capacitors on his system. We can...... Read More

Another Aikido Power Supply Mod

I just change my old “Aruki” Korean oil-can capacitor to ASC and Mundorf MCap Supreme. The configuration before is 60 uF and 40 uF Aruki Capacitor, now changed to 3.3...... Read More

Capacitors Break-In Session

Still remember the extreme capacitors battle? Well, we need to break-in those capacitors first for a fair judgement. So here it is. I don’t have much time to break-in those...... Read More