Last week, we have a local DIY audio gathering at Bintaro (Indonesia). I took some photo, hope these could inspire us (DIY) more in the future. Sorry I didn’t “remember” all the equipments in detail. So most likely, you will enjoy the photos without caption.

The overall look of the stage, used for the testing.

PTT2S tube on action with Mesh Rectifier. On the back, we have some CD Player, like NAD, vintage Marantz CD4000 (fully modified with tube stages, by Paul Yahya), and CEC.

A solid stage based power amplifier, with tube stage on the front.

LME 49720 based pre-amp, powered with Sikorel, Dale Stepped Attenuator, Auricap, and Jensen Paper Tube (I believed I saw some Rikens and some tantalum resistors there).

Multi-tube preamp. Nice looking chassis.

Simple #27 pre-amp, also with Mesh Rectifier on the back side.

Nice chassis, with small tube which I believe it’s 6N1P?

Another #27 pre-amp, with Mesh Rectifier and EL34 on the regulator stage.

LDR based attenuator coupled with B1 Buffer.

A well designed Gainclone, powered by Talema Transformer, Black Gate NX, Nichicon, Elna, and Mundorf. Also some Russian Teflon capacitors and Sfernice Resistor. The chassis and build quality also very nice!

Some other contenders, with different appearance.

Big is beautiful, but small also cute! Well packed Gainclone with some high end stuff like ROE and Solen!

Aikido based pre-amp. I believe it was Octal of 6SN/SL7, with Mesh Rectifier off course.

Hybrid power amplifier. I think it was F4 modified with tube stage.

Old Sony CDP modified with tube stage.