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Burn-in Rig Before Battle

I plan to compare some capacitors from Jensen and one from Audio Note. The two from Jensen are Jensen Copper Foil Paper-in-Oil (Paper Tube) and Jensen Copper Foil Paper-in-Oil (Copper...... Read More

Wear Out Tube…

The sign of a wear out tube? Time to grab some more… >.<... Read More

Measuring the Tube Glass Surface Temperature

My Sanwa PC510 multimeter has the capability to measure the temperature via small probe. So, I’m curious to measure my tube glass/surface temperature. I test the 6N1P, 6N6P, and 5U4G...... Read More

Dual Pairs of Duelund CAST Capacitors!

A pair of Duelund CAST is enough to rob your wallet. How about two pairs? Well, sometime money is not an object – when you are pursuing the ultimate sound....... Read More

Extreme Capacitors Battle (2nd Session)

After you read this, perhaps you would expect a better system to test the capacitors. So today, I visit a friend, and test the capacitors on his system. We can...... Read More

Beautiful Glowing Tubes This Week

I dig my tube boxes and found this old tube. Not a really expensive or most wanted tube, yeah… just an old Western Electric 393A tube. It’s a Argon and...... Read More

Single Ended Amplifier Weekend Benchmarking Session

It’s time for Single Ended amplifier benchmarking session. Located at Bakmi Margonda, Sarinah, Indonesia. Here is some shoot from the event. The system was very simple, Tannoy speaker, Audio Aero...... Read More

Amperex 6BQ5/EL84

Amperex 6BQ5/EL84 from “trash bin” shop 😉 Not bad for some cheap experiment!... Read More

Sunday Session at PJ’s House

Since tomorrow is holiday, so I take this Sunday as a “long holiday”. So I pay a visit to my good friend, Mr. Paul a.k.a PJ. I also bring my...... Read More

“Poisonous” Sound

Mercury: a heavy silvery toxic univalent and bivalent metallic element. That’s what I get from Google or common dictionary. Well, as long as it has good sound, it’s deserved to...... Read More

Aikido High Voltage/B+ PSU Mod

From my previous Aikido project, I’m still thinking of improvement of my B+ PSU. Well, I still hear a small hum. There are several possibilities to be tried, but I’m...... Read More

My Knight 600 Tube Tester

I went to my friend’s house to test my “old” Knight 600 Tube Tester. It was old, I got from eBay. I didn’t have step down transformer on hand, so...... Read More