Mercury: a heavy silvery toxic univalent and bivalent metallic element. That’s what I get from Google or common dictionary. Well, as long as it has good sound, it’s deserved to be auditioned.

Presenting, JAN/RCA NOS 83 Tube Rectifier. Thanks to my friend, Mr. A who allows a nice exchange of this nice tube with over a dozens of my Black Gate (that what’s friends are for) 😉

Zoomed shoot of Rectifier 83. It’s a full-wave mercury-vapor rectifier tube. Small voltage drop (15 VDC), compared with around 40-50VDC of my current 5U4GB (Svetlana Black Plate) – ugh, I need to change a little bit when plugging her into my Aikido.

Another significant different is, it has UX4 socket, while I – currently – use Octal socket. I need to make a converter from Octal to UX4, rather than changing my already assembled socket.

Other specifications are quite similar with my old 5U4GB, like 5V and 3A voltage and current requirements and around 250mA DC Output Current. Mercury-Vapor tube is well known for its beautiful light color (and sound, of course). I will prove this soon… 😉 Well, a poisonous sound…