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J&K Audio Design Custom Level 4 Power Transformer

After a long time waiting, finally I got this transformer on hand – myself. This is the Ultimate Level 4 Power Transformer from J&K Audio Design. You can read some...... Read More

J&K Audio Design Custom Power Transformer (More Pictures)

Ken sent me more pictures. It would be interesting as the production is entering the final stage. I will not write much about this transformer as I have done that...... Read More

J&K Audio Design Custom Power Transformer

I have spent quite a lot of time to find a good transformer maker who can build something “beyond ordinary”. That means something standard (or a bit above standard) is...... Read More

Preparing the Layout…

Yes, I’m kind a lazy guy when it comes to realization (or finalization) of my DIY project. But I think I’m gonna (or I have to) be serious to finalize...... Read More

Indonesia High End Audio Club (IHEAC) Solid State Amplifier Blind Test Session

Today, 1st of September 2012, located on ACA Matraman, Indonesia High End Audio Club (IHEAC) hold a Solid State Amplifier Blind Test session. So here is the audience and (some)...... Read More

6N6P Tube with Gold Grid

A picture is worth a thousand words…... Read More

EF184 Tube Photogenic

I break one of my tube (in purpose) to take this shoot. It’s an EF184 made by Philips. I don’t have any use for this tube anyway. So just enjoy...... Read More

Beautiful EIMAC 8165/4-65A Thoriated Tungsten Tube

I always enjoy the beauty of vacuum tube, especially when the heater is glowing bright on thoriated tungsten tube and in a dimmed room. The photo below only taken for...... Read More

Power Supply Simulation with PSUD II

One of must have software when simulating power supply is PSU Designer II or PSUD II. This amazing freeware could simulate your power supply behavior, before you start to assembly...... Read More

Aikido PreAmp Upgrade: Switches

Last upgrade, the switches. Basically, in most tube application, we will use two switches. The first is the main switch which will control the main AC voltage to supply the...... Read More

Raytheon 5842WA

Manage to secure some… Probably needed on  my “someday” 2A3 project… 😉... Read More

P-Socket to Octal Socket Converter

When I clean up some of my collections today, I accidentally find some tubes which I rarely (or probably never) use. Actually I have some bad habits, collecting “junks”. Not...... Read More