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Long Time No Update, and It Will be Even Longer…

I’ve received quite number of emails or private messages asking why I no longer updating this blog. Well, yes, I’m quite of busy and don’t really have much time writing...... Read More

Happy New Year and New Cloud Hosting

First post in the year 2016 (still on Jan 1st). Happy New Year everyone! I have 2 major updates this year. First, will have a major face lift. The...... Read More

Nokia Lumia 1020: The 41 MegaPixel Monster

What a lazy Sunday! So I just play a bit with my Nikkor 105mm Micro lens to take picture of the new Nokia Lumia 1020, smartphone with Windows Phone 8.1...... Read More

A Greeting from Warsaw, Poland

It seems that one of my article here has inspired a guy from Warsaw, Poland, named Marcin. But instead of comparing those capacitors, Marcin deciced to change the capacitor based...... Read More

Travelling with Nokia Lumia 920 [Camera Quality Review]

Maybe you still remember my old article here. It was Nokia Lumia 800 used during my trip to Singapore. Now, visiting similar place but with slightly different ‘gun’, the Nokia...... Read More

Nikkor (Nikon) Lens Mini Comparison

Let’s move out from audio topic a bit and switch to photography. It’s well known that not all lenses are created equal. Indeed, they are not equal, both physical and...... Read More

Kuala Lumpur International Audio Video (KLIAV) 2012

I got a chance to short visit the Kuala Lumpur International Audio Video (KLIAV) 2012 show. It was held in JW Marriott Hotel at Bukit Bintang. Well, it’s a famous location with...... Read More

Potting the Lundahl LL1673 Choke [Measurement]

Finally, the Lundahl potting project has been completed. Now it’s the time to give initial measurement of the project. First is very simple testing, the inductance test. Next week, we...... Read More

Restoring Vintage Gear: HP Palmtop 200LX

This weekend, I play a bit off topic from my regular hobby, which is audio. This is an old HP Palmtop 200LX. I own several units but due to improper...... Read More

Travelling with Nokia Lumia 800 [Photo Quality Review]

Let’s forget a little bit about audio and move a little bit to another hobby of me: photography. Recently, I rarely bring my camera during short trip. Why? Because mostly...... Read More

New Year’s Challenge Continues [Marantz PM400AVK Modification]

After the Part I has been done, now I continue to the Part II. On this 2nd part, I will see what’s wrong with the Marantz PM400AVK. Simple testing method...... Read More

New Year’s Challenge Continues [Mission 762 Speaker Modification]

If you have read this previous article, probably you got my point when reading this one. Now, I’m doing the modification for the speaker. After several serious examination (well, you...... Read More