Today, 1st of September 2012, located on ACA Matraman, Indonesia High End Audio Club (IHEAC) hold a Solid State Amplifier Blind Test session. So here is the audience and (some) also the contenders. Actually solid state amplifier is kind of boring session which most of the contenders will have a similar steel chassis with huge heatsink with no such glowing light as usually found in tube amplifier. But anyway, the show must go on and here is some pictures from the show.

A unique solid state amplifier with DIY output transformer.

The only amp with wooden chassis, I believe.

Spendor BCIII speakers are used on this session. The source is Audio Aero Capitole.

One of the amplifier got problem and too bad we can’t find the issue. So unfortunately, this one must be disqualified.

This what I told you… Sort of a boring amplifier if we are talking a solid state one.

Nakamichi Stasis, but completely different ‘animal’ inside.

Spendor BCIII as speaker.

Hot hot hot… Heatsinks are everywhere.

Inside of the 1st winner…

After the show, we move to another ‘room’. Surprisingly, this Kharma Exquisite Galileo has an excellent vocal.

Analog setup, Dr Feickert Analogue turntable, Audio Sculpture Equilibre power amplifier, and Tron Seven pre-amplifier.

The Audio Sculpture Equilibre power amplifier.

Bing is preparing the turntable.

Well, that’s the whole day of enjoyment!