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Elekit TU-8900 (300B/2A3 Amplifier) Upgrade – Part 4

Things are getting more serious. More components being installed, starting from TKD 2W resistor, Vishay TX2575, Audio Note Silver Tantalum 2W, Shinkoh Tantalum 2W, Riken RMG 1W, Black Gate Non-Polar,...... Read More

Duelund Standard Resistor with Tinned Copper Lead

The development of boutique component seems never end. Although doesn’t necessarily to be on top grade, but new invention always around (again, some doesn’t necessarily new at all). Few months...... Read More

Grayhill Rotary Switch + Texas Components TX2575 Resistor = Ultimate Volume Control?

One thing that might have been my habit is I like to go with ultimate option. Not necessarily to be the most expensive, but more on the top quality and...... Read More

News: Kharma Exquisite P1000

When enough is never enough! I think that would be a proper statement for this new approach from Kharma. Welcome, the Kharma Exquisite P1000 amplifier. I have no plan to...... Read More

Grayhill Rotary Switch as Stepped Attenuator

I have used several good brands of potentiometer. But once upon a time, I decided to stick with stepped attenuator. My first was DACT which using SMD resistor and configured...... Read More

Texas Component TX-2575 Naked Z-Foil Resistor

Resistor is another interesting passive parts that could affect the sound. I used to be familiar with Vishay S102 Foil Resistor which well known as one of the finest sounding...... Read More

Aikido PreAmp Upgrade: IEC, Resistor, RCA, Hook-Up Wiring

The upgrade not yet ended. I still have something to finalize my Aikido PreAmp. I go to upgrade some section in order to make it firms before fitting it on...... Read More

Resistor Orientation on the Oscilloscope

After reading my article about finding out capacitor inner-outer foil, some of my readers asked me to do the similar test on the resistor. Well, technically speaker, resistor shouldn’t have...... Read More

Duelund CAST Resistor on Test

Straight to the point. Just backed home tonight from a crazy traffic, then it was a great moment to payback! Let’s solder the new Duelund CAST Resistor. You can see...... Read More

Duelund CAST Resistor

Not really published on the market (at least not well spotted around big online webstore), but I manage to get a pair of it. This is the CAST version of...... Read More

Bleeder Resistor: Who the Hell Are You?

To simplify the answer, Bleeder Resistor is used to “short” the positive and negative rail on your High Voltage (B+) circuit. The main reason is safety. Without Bleeder Resistor, your...... Read More

Resistors Upgrade on Aikido

I dig my parts bin and found some resistor values which I needed to upgrade my Aikido. I used three brands here, Riken RMG “Metal Film”, Shinkoh “Tantalum”, and Kiwame...... Read More