Straight to the point. Just backed home tonight from a crazy traffic, then it was a great moment to payback! Let’s solder the new Duelund CAST Resistor. You can see brief information about Duelund CAST Resistor here and  my DIY speaker here.

I decided to switch back to Auricap few months ago (from a set of Siemens NOS capacitors). I eventually realized that using too many capacitors in parallel may reduce some factor, like imaging and separation. The tonal should be similar, but some other factors mentioned before might be altered or reduced.

Okay then, let’s change the old Sfernice RLP10NI to Duelund CAST Resistor.


After around 15 minutes soldering, I completely finished the modification.

My first initial impression. The music was more solid, good depth and separation, but never got it too harsh. I also felt that it was even more relax in terms of musical pronounciation. If I felt that the Sfernice still has some “stiff” characteristic, then the CAST resistor absolutely very relax, even just powered on for few hours. To be honest, the role of this resistor is very important since the location is on the front of the signal path.

I will provide more experience after several hours. We sill have some Norah Jones, some Chen Lily, some Ingram Washington, some John Campbell, or also some Tsuyoshi Yamamoto.