To simplify the answer, Bleeder Resistor is used to “short” the positive and negative rail on your High Voltage (B+) circuit. The main reason is safety. Without Bleeder Resistor, your capacitors will store some amount of electricity after your system turned off. This may result of hazardous shock if touched, accidentally off course 😉

This time, I change the old Bleeder Resistor (no brand metal film) into Kiwame Carbon Film Resistor with 5W rating. Here you go.


The old resistors used as Bleeder Resistor. Your turn is over, buddies…


Does it make a different?

Some people may say this is only a Bleeder Resistor. Use the cheapest you can get. This is proven to be not correct.

From this session, I could confirm, better resistor quality on this Bleeder position will affect your sound (the reason is your audio signal will return from the B+ rail, which off course, it will “hit” the Bleeder Resistor). After I replace the Bleeder Resistor with Kiwame, I could hear better separation and wider sound staging. Very clear on “Isn’t She Lovely” by Livingston Taylor. I could hear the “knock” on the right side easily and well defined, compared to before (with no brand Bleeder Resistor).

I will do some more research which Resistor is better on this position… Just wait 😉