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Rigol DS1054Z: 4 Channels 50MHz Digital Oscilloscope

Rigol has launched new economic digital oscilloscope, Rigol 1054Z. Although considered as economic oscilloscope, but the specification is not that economic. Rigol equips this machine with 4 channels capability and...... Read More

Bennic XPP Capacitor Orientation Check

During a lazy Saturday afternoon, there was a person asked on one of the mailing list about the orientation of the Bennic FPP capacitor. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any Bennic...... Read More

Amplifier Measurement Day at Bintaro

It’s a sunny Saturday. It has been agreed to have a measurement of some amplifier to check their power output. Located at Bintaro, I bring my Rigol Oscilloscope and Sanwa...... Read More

Tiny Amplifier

I’m thinking to create a first gift for my newborn (ooopsss… he is not yet here, just about to). A small MP3 Player with tiny amplifier to drive a small...... Read More

Measuring ALC660 Power Output

I was playing with my Rigol Oscilloscope to measure my laptop power output. The sound card was Realtek ALC660. I played a 1 kHz sine wave with a software and...... Read More

Resistor Orientation on the Oscilloscope

After reading my article about finding out capacitor inner-outer foil, some of my readers asked me to do the similar test on the resistor. Well, technically speaker, resistor shouldn’t have...... Read More

Observing Inner and Outer Foil of Some Popular Capacitors

I just got my Oscilloscope, so I can play more fun with my DIY stuff. Ok, let’s start with some basic “game”, to find the inner and outer foil of...... Read More