Rigol has launched new economic digital oscilloscope, Rigol 1054Z. Although considered as economic oscilloscope, but the specification is not that economic. Rigol equips this machine with 4 channels capability and 50 MHz bandwidth. With 1GSa/s Real-time Sample Rate, maybe a bit limited if you are using all the channels at the same time – but well, it’s economic version anyway.

The other majority upgrade is bigger 7″ screen with WVGA resolution (much better resolution compared with my old Rigol DS1052E with 5.7″ and VGA resolution). The other features which also hard to resist are 12Mpts (Std.) and 24Mpts (Opt.) memory depth and innovative “UltraVision” technology. Seems that UltraVision will be standard for new oscilloscope from Rigol.

I think it’s time to upgrade and say goodbye to my old Rigol DS1052E 50 MHz digital oscilloscope. This oscilloscope has been with me for quite some time, although might not heavily used.


Bigger screen on Rigol DS1054Z definitely make reading process more convenient. More information can be packed into the screen at the same time. Also the result can be shown with more detail and resolution (minimize jaggies). It’s irritating sometime to see my old DS1052E with 5.7″ but showing VGA resolution (320 x 240 pixels). Hey, my 5″ smartphone now at FullHD (1920 x 1080 pixels)!

You can see the jaggies are very obvious on DS1052E screen below.


Now the different is night and day with Rigol DS1054Z. It has better resolution, less jaggies, and can show more information on the same time. With 7″ screen and WVGA resolution (that’s 800 x 600 pixels), I believe we can enjoy reading our measurement better, much better.


Similar with Rigol DS1052E, this Rigol DS1054Z also hack-able. I will not share the detail here as it might void your warranty. But you can always search easily around with very simple keyword… 🙂

Yes, good by Rigol DS1052E and welcome Rigol DS1054Z.