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Hiroko Williams: A Time for Ballads

This is my first post after been absence for quite some time. Frankly speaking, I have tons of project on hand, but simply no time. Again, all this audio and...... Read More

Lincoln Mayorga and Amanda McBroom: Growing up in Hollywood Town (CD-13)

This album is one of the my precious collectible album. Not just because this CD is quite rare (the original one, not remastered with XRCD bla-bla-bla), but this CD also...... Read More

Is There Such an Immortal Thing? (We Are Talking Digital Media)

Some of the readers mailed to me and asked, why do I digitalize my collections? The reason is as below. I found at least one of my CD has a...... Read More

Digitalizing Audio CD – My Collections

After a disappointing thing happens this morning (later I will discuss), I decide to make a digital backup of almost all (at least my favorites) Audio CD collection. The best...... Read More

Cui Yan Guang: Audiophile Voicings Volume II

Some singers have their own unique “tone”, which reflects their “style” when singing. This uniqueness will  make us remember his/her specialty. This old vintage CD Audio, produced around 2001, shows...... Read More

Waldjinah: Sings Gesang

Artist: Waldjinah Album: Sings Gesang Publisher: Rice Record OSR-702 Recording Technology: – About this album: After this album, I think this album also worth to be considered as an audiophile-grade...... Read More

Gesang, Nuning, Waldjinah: Bengawan Solo

Artist: Gesang, Nuning, Waldjinah Album: Bengawan Solo Publisher: JVC Record Recording Technology: – About this album: According to Wikipedia, Kroncong is the name of a ukulele-type instrument and an Indonesian...... Read More

Ingram Washington: What A Difference A Day Makes

Artist: Ingram Washington Album: What A Difference A Day Makes Publisher: STS Digital Recording Technology: – About this album: This is one of the most recommended album. Superb recording and...... Read More