Artist: Waldjinah

Album: Sings Gesang
Publisher: Rice Record OSR-702
Recording Technology:

About this album:
After this album, I think this album also worth to be considered as an audiophile-grade Kroncong. This time, Waldjinah solo album with title “Sings Gesang”. This album called “Sings Gesang” because Waldjinah sings Gesang’s songs on this album.

Waldjinah is well known as famous female Kroncong singer in Indonesia. With strong and angelic voice, Waldjinah really spread her magic on Krocong world. This album is quite unique since Waldjinah sings Gesang’s songs. She doesn’t sing her own song like the famous Walang Kekek. You can find her popular song, “Walang Kekek” on other album here.

On this album, most of the songs are classic and give peaceful mind when you listen it. Pay special attention to track #1 (Bengawan Solo), track #5 (Bilamana Dunia Berdamai), track #10 (Kicir-Kicir), track #11 (Jembatan Merah), and track #12 (Bengawan Solo, duet with Gesang).

The track #1 opened with guitar playing Bengawan Solo ref. Very calm, strong, and comfort. Waldjinah pronunciation also very clear and details. This is what I call excellent combination between instruments, singer, and recording. The rest of the track also no need extra explanation. Superb recording with good oversampling filter. No sharp roll-off at 20 kHz.

One things to be noted is that this album was recorded at some different studios. So sometime, I could hear different ambiance of the instruments. Maybe I’m over sensitive for this – don’t know. But overall, the recording quality of this album is above average.

Absolutely great Kroncong recording that you can get (at high price!), although perhaps not the best one. On some track, sometime a little bit sharp at the mid-high frequency. Just call me an over sensitive guy. But overall, two thumbs up for this album!

Sound Quality: 4.75 of 5 Stars
Song Popularity/Arrangement (subjective): 4.5 of 5 Stars

Recommendation: 4.75 of 5 stars.

Track list:
01. Bengawan Solo
02. Kr. Roda Dunia
03. Stb. Kecewa
04. Saputangan
05. Bilamana Dunia Berdamai
06. Dongengan
07. Pinggir Desa
08. Andheng-Andheng
09. Pamitan
10. Kicir-Kicir/Oh, Sarinah/Kuweh Sempe/Gethuk Lindri/Surilang
11. Jembatan Merah
12. Bengawan Solo