Artist: Ingram Washington
Album: What A Difference A Day Makes
Publisher: STS Digital
Recording Technology:

About this album:
This is one of the most recommended album. Superb recording and superb male baritone vocal. Most of the songs came from the classic song, like “Unforgettable”, “Smile”, “What a Wonderful World”, etc. When he was young, Ingram enjoyed music from Nat King Cole, Sinatra, Al Hibbler, Arthur Prysock, and Billy Eckstine. No surprise if his style was similar with them.

I will underline that this is a must have album. You can enjoy the songs from track #1 to #14. All was recorded perfectly. Clean, neat, clear vocal, deep instruments, good staging, etc. I always search for good songs, good male baritone/bass vocal, and good recording. Yes, most of the CD around provide good song/singer or good recording, but only rare offer both. I find all of my criteria in this CD.

I really can’t explain more but this CD is very recommended. Buy or borrow it and listen. If you a love good recording and baritone vocal, then there will be no reason not to love this CD.

Simple conclusion. If you love a good recording and a baritone vocal (and also want to move back over a decade to listen Nat King Cole or Sinatra) then this CD is yours.

Sound Quality: 5 of 5 Stars
Song Popularity/Arrangement (subjective): 4.75 of 5 Stars

Recommendation: 5 of 5 stars.

Track list:
1. What a Difference a Day Makes
2. But Not for Me
3. Come Rain or Come Shine
4. My Funny Valentine
5. Smile
6. Hey There
7. I Thought About You
8. Unforgettable
9. Autumn Leaves
10. Laughing At Life
11. Always On My Mind
12. Somebody Loves Me
13. Our Love Is Here to Stay
14. What a Wonderful World