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European Auto Sound Association (EASCA) 2009 CD

Definitely not a new CD, well as you can see, it’s dated on 2009. But high quality stuff lasts years and this CD is one good example. From the label...... Read More

Are You Authentic (AYA) Authentic Audio Check SACD Review

I got information about this SACD from several car audio groups on the Internet. This “Are You Authentic?” or “AYA” label is really tempting. Stockfish put label as “Authentic Audio...... Read More

Hiroko Williams: A Time for Ballads

This is my first post after been absence for quite some time. Frankly speaking, I have tons of project on hand, but simply no time. Again, all this audio and...... Read More

MJ Technical Disc Vol. 6

There is a big surprise by MJ Audio Magazine this month. They provide a Technical Disc for their readers. There are total 16 amazing tracks, recorded superbly. I’m quite surprised...... Read More

Amanda McBroom: Dreaming

Long time I haven’t written any review about my CD collection. This time, I will write about one of the most collectible album, Amanda McBroom: Dreaming. This is one from...... Read More Reference CD #1

After a long journey listening hundreds of tracks, finally I come up with Reference CD #1. This CD, off course due to law regulation, are made by me and...... Read More

Lincoln Mayorga and Amanda McBroom: Growing up in Hollywood Town (CD-13)

This album is one of the my precious collectible album. Not just because this CD is quite rare (the original one, not remastered with XRCD bla-bla-bla), but this CD also...... Read More

Stockholm Cathedral Choir: Now The Green Blade Riseth

Actually, this is an old recording. I listened the first few years ago in XRCD format. I lost the CD, and suddenly I saw a SACD one on an audio...... Read More

Various Artists: This is K2 HD Sound!

Due to my busy time, I haven’t written much on this blog. But in next few weeks, some hot entries will come -  as I have purchased some new toys....... Read More

Cui Yan Guang: Audiophile Voicings Volume II

Some singers have their own unique “tone”, which reflects their “style” when singing. This uniqueness will  make us remember his/her specialty. This old vintage CD Audio, produced around 2001, shows...... Read More

In Depth Session: Jensen Copper Foil Paper Tube vs Duelund CAST PIO

Still curious about the different between Jensen Copper Foil Paper Tube and Duelund CAST PIO, I held another session to benchmark both capacitors. You can read previous articles here and...... Read More

Waldjinah: Sings Gesang

Artist: Waldjinah Album: Sings Gesang Publisher: Rice Record OSR-702 Recording Technology: – About this album: After this album, I think this album also worth to be considered as an audiophile-grade...... Read More