After completing the construction of my Duelund Interconnect 2.0 Rev2 here, I decided to do some short comparison. My friend has Duelund Interconnect 1.0 Rev1. I think this gonna be a nice comparison!

Direct to the stage, we have some equipment on hand, like floorstander 3-way speakers, CEC CD Player, Marantz CD4000 fully modified with tube output stage, Hybrid F4 power amplifier, Aikido 6N1P-6N6P powered with Duelund CAST Ag/RGN1054 Mesh Rectifier, and also #26 Pre-Amp powered with Jensen Paper Tube and AZ1 Mesh Rectifier.

Without any further ado, let’s go to review those cables.

Short explantion, Duelund has 3 lines up of cables: The 0.5, 1.0, and 2.0. The different between 1.0 and 2.0 itself is on the cable size. The 2.0 has bigger size (AWG) than 1.0. While the different between 0.5 and 1.0 is on the silk insulation itself. The 1.0 has thicker silk than 0.5, which results in better and more oil impregnated inside.

We used some track to compare the 1.0 Rev1 and 2.0 Rev2. According to Duelund, the 2.0 Rev2 has more silver and even better silk insulation, compared with 2.0 Rev1 (old model). While it’s not quite fair to compared the 1.0 Rev1 with 2.0 Rev2, but it’s interesting to see how the new Revision2 cable could improve.

Sadly, I don’t have the 2.0 Rev1 which should give more objective comparison between those two generation.

In a short time comparison, the 2.0 Rev2 has sweeter sound (in quite large margin, it could be too sweet from some people, I think), more musical (the sound stage and emotion are definitely better), also could swing the music better than the 1.0 Rev1. The micro details and resolution also one step ahead from 1.0 Rev1. For some people, perhaps 1.0 Rev1 already good enough, but the 2.0 Rev2 definitely present the music into a different level. Due to limited time, I didn’t try some LP as source.

I do really need to find serious contender for this 2.0 Rev2.

I’m thinking of AudioQuest Diamond owned by one of my good friend. Soon… we will see more serious comparison between those two. And perhaps some more contenders from Kubala-Sosna. Just wait…