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Testing J&K Power Transformer

I have some spare time during this Christmas and New Year. Before I continue, I think I should say Happy New Year 2015 to all of you. All the best...... Read More

J&K Audio Design Custom Level 4 Power Transformer

After a long time waiting, finally I got this transformer on hand – myself. This is the Ultimate Level 4 Power Transformer from J&K Audio Design. You can read some...... Read More

Grayhill 7 Decks, 1 Pole, 24 Position Rotary Switch

I always have dream to have a separate and dedicated passive volume control. There was a time when I was offered to acquire few sets of Grayhill ‘M’ series rotary...... Read More

New Auricap XO Capacitor

So far, Auricap is one of my trusted capacitor brand – in power supply section. I still remember ‘few’ years back (when using this capacitor for the very first time)...... Read More

Removing the Old Tube Socket

During the upgrading process, the old Ceramic tube socket also got new replacement to the Teflon one. The problem is, the process to remove the old tube socket will not...... Read More

Aikido Preamp Make Over

As I’m about to move my Aikido Preamp to a new ‘home’ (I mean, new chassis), then it’s time to fix all the components used there. Before, I have tested...... Read More

Prototyping Power Supply Layout for My Preamp [2]

Still remember the first chapter here? I have transferred the paper mockup into digital format. It didn’t take long time to do that 😉 Just need to send (or print)...... Read More

Wrong Calculation… (on New Aikido Preamp Chassis)

I did a stupid mistake. I ordered new chassis, but during the construction, I changed some parts and forgot if the new parts actually ‘lot’ bigger than the old one....... Read More

Aikido PreAmp Upgrade: Sowter Custom Choke Input 30H / 75mA

This is the final choke upgrade that I’ve been waiting for quite long time. After some discussion on the phone with Brian (1 day before his birthday), finally I finalized...... Read More

Duelund Interconnect 2.0 Rev2 vs 1.0 Rev1

After completing the construction of my Duelund Interconnect 2.0 Rev2 here, I decided to do some short comparison. My friend has Duelund Interconnect 1.0 Rev1. I think this gonna be...... Read More

Tube Rectifier Filament Supply Selector

I this world, there are lot of tubes, with different filament supply. In most of my tube rectification application, I stand with two choice of rectifier, the one with 5...... Read More

Burn-in Rig Before Battle

I plan to compare some capacitors from Jensen and one from Audio Note. The two from Jensen are Jensen Copper Foil Paper-in-Oil (Paper Tube) and Jensen Copper Foil Paper-in-Oil (Copper...... Read More